Your Realtor - Who Tries To Keep It "Real"

"The perfectly flawed vessel"

While I pride myself in my successful business, being the mother of 2 very amazing children and being a loving and faithful wife, this new chapter of sending our daughter off to the University of Georgia has been somewhat of a challenge to these securities.

When talking about my children as I always do (it's one of my favorite subjects ๐Ÿ˜‚) Numerous people have said "Oh your daughter got into UGA! That's wonderful! Are you Alumni? 
 I usually smile and reply, " No, I'm not." When on the inside I'm so ashamed and inside I'm saying "no, I'm not UGA Alumni- I never even finished college, I quit." 
 Although- speaking is a great part of my business, it is hard to speak fluently or know how to ask proper questions about something you've never experienced. I was the epitome of that example when I called prior to our orientation this past week. 
I blundered and felt at a loss as soon as the young girl (probably 14 years old) ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคท‍โ™€๏ธanswered the call. I started by expressing-in full disclosure - " Hi, I'm completely new at this, this is first child, I have no degree, if I would of had one it would of been sent by pony express, because I'm old, especially for a first child who's going off to college, I'm also working on 4 hours of sleep a night not just for last night but for the past 3 weeks....." only to hear "sooooo.....what are you asking????....I replied- "well...I guess I'm asking...hmmm everything". 
 Isn't it funny how the devil will place the most Un-empathic people on the other end of the line, when you are most fragile?

This is why I Love what I do. I love when I get the first time homebuyers on the phone saying uhmmmm hi- I would love to buy a house but I do not even know where to start... I would never say "so what are you asking?" I say "well... you have called the right Realtor! We can help you every step of the way, and you know what? If you knew exactly what to do, you wouldn't need me." ๐Ÿ’•
In addition, Twice this week I was questioned, once on the phone and once in person - "Ms Hollimon - your daughters name? Madison Hollimon? I don't see her name on here." 
I would say - "I'm sorry, Her name is Madison Drummond". Inside my body - my heart ached, "I'm a failure, I bet all the other COLLEGE children have the same name as their mom." Thank YOU God for quiet shame or I'm sure I'd of blurted out "Madison Drummond and Mason Drummond are mine, I remarried and I'm happy, just look at them, they look like me, he has my eyes and she has my smile- " As I'd feel the need to explain- to this perfect stranger- who probably don't have the same name as her mother either. ๐Ÿ™ˆthen I'd say- 
"It was tough but we all lived through it, we are all barely scarred, none bitter, our children are happy, it was for the best. They are great kids. Their dad and I love them both very much. Did I tell you we are both remarried and both very happy?!"

Yes- the devil - he is something else, he loves to watch you squirm and if he thinks for one second you forget that YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD- You better believe he will play on your insecurities every chance you let him and believe me - I have let him.

Today at church, the preacher spoke about the potters wheel and how God takes our lump of clay and He turns it into something beautiful- something useful And sometimes when we try to take control while he is doing his amazing work in us - when we try to take control of the clay- we completely make a mess of what we are supposed to become. 
However, even within that mess he adds forgiveness and reshapes us. He uses our imperfections as a testimony to be guide or blessing to others- after all what good would we be to an imperfect world if we were without any flaws. How would we understand their heartache? 
Pastor Bobby spoke about how God sometimes prefers a damaged imperfect pot, because of its imperfection it leaks just enough that it gives away water - to make the things along its path flourish and grow into something beautiful, that may not have grown otherwise. 
When I heard him speak, I put my face down and I cried. I was ashamed that I forgot who's child I was. I cried because God reminded me in today's service that I came from a broken home and because of it - I have a dad and a stepdad who I believe adore me and they tell me every week that I make them proud. The service reminded me that I learned the value of a dollar and an education at 21 years old, as I worked 2 jobs- one to pay for a roof over my head and one to help send me to college to pay for tuition and books- after working from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm I would run to Augusta State and stayed there until 10:10 - 4 nights a week until finally my little body and my tired mind agreed, I needed a break, so I quit college. I decided I would always give my children the support they needed to become anything they wanted. From that decision, came so many amazing opportunities- opportunities I would of never been given had I stayed in college. Today- I run one of the most successful real estate teams and businesses in this whole area. (In the words of "FANCY" I "ain't" done bad. ๐Ÿ˜Œ) as much as I still sometimes wish I had a degree on my wall, the 1099 I receive at the end of the year and the ones my team receives as well - has placed a roof over our families heads, save money for my children's education and has enabled me to be a blessing to strangers and closet friends. 
No- I do not share the last name of my children but they live in a happy and loving home and they witness a happy marriage between their stepdad and I. My children and I don't share a name but we share everything else. They know they are safe and loved. They know beyond a shadow of a doubt I have their back 24/7 - and if I could of saved them from one tear I would of, and that their Mama adores every hair on their head. I want to always make them feel safe, loved and protected. 
We live in what use to be broken but today it is healed. They are tough and they are strong and because of these obstacles in our life that we lived through- because of this one chapter of their life alone - I believe they understand that life is not perfect. They know I'm not perfect and I know although THEY ARE PRETTY FLIPPING CLOSE -they are not perfect. There was only one who was perfect. 
I would much rather they see a broken family rebuilt into something real and honest, faithful and STRONG than to live every day among a lie with a spouse of 50+ years and for my children to think "this is what a happy marriage is suppose to look like" - I would not want anything less for my children than what T and I have today- even if we don't have time left on this earth for 50. 
So I hate to tell the Devil but - the next time you are even thinking about whispering about how I'm an "uneducated failure, with children from a broken home and no college diploma on my wall" be ready because you might wanta take a peek at this successful business woman's list of accreditations and the tithes I pay from the blessings God gives me. You may want to check out that handsome man I share a last name with- and how he watches over me and my 2 kids- have you noticed the way he adores every breath We breathe? That's because God gave him to me and my sweet husband loves me-just like I am. 
Thank you to Journey Church and this amazing service this am and to a faithful God who loves us unconditionally and never forgets we are his even when we do.

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