Fall Home Maintenance Checklist 
Replace batteries and test all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. A good time to perform this maintenance is when daylight savings time ends, even if you are in an area that doesn’t “fall back”. 
Have fireplace and chimney professionally cleaned to remove nests or other obstructions. Make sure the damper operates properly.  
Have HVAC System inspected and serviced by a professional technician. Ask neighbors or friends for recommendations of trustworthy and reputable professionals. Clean/replace filters and dust or vacuum intake covers to remove built up dust. 
Vacuum or dust electric baseboards to avoid fire hazard. 
Have well water tested. (Recommended every 6 months) 
Pressure wash exterior siding to remove growth of mold or algae. 
Pull out your dryer and vacuum lint from hose to avoid potential fire hazard. 
Mulch when you mow. No need to spend hours raking and bagging leaves when your lawn can benefit from mulching them in the fall for a greener lawn come spring. 
Fall is a good time to re-apply mulch. Protect young trees and shrubs by laying down thick layer of mulch.  The benefits are great; it retains moisture, moderates soil temperature and helps control weeds.  

 Energy savings- Check air leaks.  Inspect the caulking and seals around windows, outlets, switches and doors.   Add or replace weather stripping if needed.  Even floor registers can leak air.   
 Keep it warm on chilly nights by adding insulation to your attic.  The insulation should be about 10-14 inches deep.   
 Programmable thermostats are better for the environment and cost effective.  They contain no mercury and using less energy reduces greenhouse-gas emissions associated with energy production.   
 Check your roof for leaks.  Be sure to contact a professional if the leak is too high, in a ridge or underneath the roofing.  

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